NEW: Oscar Alemán Play-Along Book - by Greg Ruby

My good friend Greg Ruby has just completed a years-long project to help spread the music and playing of the great Oscar Alemán. Oscar was the oft overlooked contemporary of Django Reinhardt, who's hot jazz playing was mixed with his Creole Argentine roots for a distinctive sound that totally stands toe-to-toe with Django. 

For years, there have been basically no resources for those interested in the playing style of Alemán, and Greg provides a treasury of information that will not only allow a player to learn the style, but to perform it as well. Greg has transcribed not just solos, but also the arrangements, and provided authentic sounding and feeling play-along tracks 

In just a matter of days, the project was successfully Kickstarted, but you can still get it in on it here:

Greg is not only a player I admire, but really good guy. Supporting the project is a win-win-win, all around.