JAMMIN' THE BLUES (2003) - CD's OUT OF PRINT (temporarily) 


Our first two CD pressings have SOLD OUT, and we will be pressing a new new batch soon. Check back soon.

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The Campus Five's Debut!

"Jammin'..." has become a must-have album for swing dance instructors and DJ's world-wide!

The band covers several nonstandard swing tunes, such as Coleman Hawkins' "Stuffy", and the 1945 Benny Goodman Sextet Tune "Oomph Fa Fa," as well as several better known tunes like "Cottontail", "Flying Home", and "Lester Leaps In". Vocalist and Co-leader Hilary Alexander shines on 40's gems such as "Shoo Fly Pie," "Mister 5x5," and "Down the Road a Piece," while Leader and Guitarist Jonathan Stout burns on tracks such as Django Reinhardt's "Minor Swing," and Charlie Christian's "Seven Come Eleven." Jim Ziegler adds his vocals to a rippin' version of "Diga Diga Doo" and joins Hilary on "Swingin' on Nothin'".Of course, the peak of album is reached with the title track, "Jammin' the Blues," which finds the band hitting on all cylinders.

The album was recorded by vintage-jazz extraordinaire Dick Hamilton at his studio, the Doing, using vintage RCA 44 microphones to capture the traditional sound of classic small group swing. "Jammin' the Blues" features Los Angeles' best swing musicians, including Tenor Saxophonist and Clarinetist Albert Alva, Trumpeter and Vocalist Jim Ziegler, Pianist Christopher Dawson, Bassist Jim Garafolo, and Vintage-Jazz drumming phoneme Josh Collazo.

BEST CLARINET (Albert Alva) and BEST BASS PLAYER (Jim Garafolo) - SWING AWARDS 2003