The Close Shave Quartet

Photo by Suzanne O'Keefe

The Close Shave Quartet is our smallest group and features the magical combination of Electric Gutiar and Vibraphone (both state of the art in 1939!), along with a solid rhythm section of Bass and Drums. The group was born out of our now-annual Christmas gig at Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop, when Sween' requested a group with Vibraphone. The combination was such a hit we decidied to keep it!

For fans of the guitar, this is our most guitar-heavy group, with Jonathan's 1939 Gibson ES-150 Electric guitar leading the way. Unlike our other groups, the Close Shave Quartet gives Jonathan the most room to explore the signature sound of Charlie Christian, and the other early adopters of the Electric Guitar, such as Tiny Grimes, Eddie Durham, Barney Kessel and Les Paul. 

The Close Shave Quartet is the perfect size for bars and cabarets.