Jonathan Stout Solo Guitar News (CD, Live Sessions, Lessons)

Solo Guitar Album Coming Soon

So, I have a couple pieces of news to share. First, I’ll be recording an album of swing-era, plectrum-style solo guitar in about a week. It will should be available before Christmas. You may heard some of the pieces on my youtube channel, or on my facebook Live porch practice sessions, but I’ve tried to really hone them into something special.

New Facebook Page for Live Sessions

If you’re a fan of the facebook live porch practice sessions, which I occasionally republish to youtube, then you should give my new facebook page a follow: Jonathan Stout, Swing Guitar. I’m going to be moving the Porch Sessions over to my guitar page, as well as other live content.

Here’s one of the latest sessions that I reposted to youtube:

Solo Guitar Album Transcription Book

In addition to putting out the CD, I’m going to look at publishing a folio of transcriptions from the CD as well, but that’ll probably be about 6 months after the CD release.

Lessons via Skype / Facetime / Hangouts

I currently beta-testing offering online lessons. I’m still working out which platform will work the best and how to set up the camera/mic etc. for optimal learning and clarity. I will do another post when everything is ready.

Gear Updates and Reviews

For those of you who follow me on facebook or youtube, you’ve probably already noticed that I picked up a blonde 1939 Gibson L-5 at the end of last year, after I sold of my 1935 Gibson L-12 and 1932 Epiphone Deluxe. As well, I picked an amazing Waterloo WL-14LTR that was lightly used in January. I owe a video to you all on each of those.

But I’ve also got some gear reviews planned that I think will be helpful to other practitioners of the pre-bebop jazz guitar arts. I’ve been a big fan of Hoffee Carbon Fiber Flight Cases for the last several years, as well the Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag for stuff around town. Lastly, I picked up a Nocturne Brain Jr. Barnyard Pedal a couple months back, though I haven’t yet spent the time experimenting with it that I should’ve. All I know for now is that it’s a great invention for bringing the pre-war, octal-tube flavor to direct outs and later clean amps. But I’m excited to do a full video review of it soon!