SOLD: 1998 Ibanez PM20 Pat Metheny Model

UPDATE: Sorry, the guitar has sold. 

It's finally time to sell my first jazz guitar - it's been sitting sadly alone, unplayed for too long. It's a wonderful instrument, but it just doesn't get the playing time it derserves. I got the guitar in the late summer of 1998 at Sam Ash in Canoga Park, CA. It came without a strap button, so the in-house repair guy, Randy, put one on. When he did, I liked it so much, he went and bought the other PM20 that was still on the shelf. It's served me well for many years, but has been since been replaced by more-suitable guitars. I can longer hold on to it, justifying it as a "back up." I've got 3 other arch tops with magnetic pickups, and an extra DeArmond guitar mic if those three go bad. For anyone that is interested in Campus Five history, this guitar was used on the album "Jammin' the Blues" (2003).

It's a great sounding laminate-body, single-humbucker jazz guitar. It currently has D'Angelico Flatwound 13's on it. I recorded a couple demo tracks of it, so you can here how it sounds. The first two tracks are played through a 1999 Peavey Classic 30, with the eq set flat. The third track is played through a 1946 Gibson BR-6 for a bit of breakup. I've done NO after processing of the guitar tone. Everything was recorded with a Blue Yeti straight into Garage Band.

Since this guitar is perhaps more appropriate for later styles of jazz than mine, I've recorded some "style"-copies, trying my best to ape the more-modern styles this guitar would be perfect for. Pardon the ridiculous drum beat behind the 3rd track, I was just looking for a Sco+MMW kind of groove and that was the closest thing I could find.
Also, for a more "swing" sound, just listen to any track of our 2003 album "Jammin' the Blues" (available at / / for a sample of that.

The true color of the guitar is a deep blonde color seen in the wider shots. There are three condition issues, on what is otherwise a very clean guitar. 1) There is a ding on the bass side lower bout, near the bottom of the guitar - right where it would be concealed by your arm. I've included three pictures - so you can see how it blends into the wood on the top at any distance. 2) There's a small finish chip on the back of the headstock. 3) Most of the gold hardware has some wearing-off of the gold plating. The guitar was kept in a gig bag for most of it's life, and the friction of the in-and-out took its toll. Guitar comes with an 1998 SKB Hardshell Dreadnaught Case, that I got when I bought the guitar. 

Guitar is $899. I'd expect shipping to run $40, but buyer to pay true cost of shipping.