Bonus videos: "Coquette", "I'm Confessin'" and "Rose Room"

Here's a couple bonus videos I recorded. I'm not going to a whole discussion of each tune, but I didn't want to leave these unposted. Cheers. 


I don't really play "Coquette" very often. In fact, if you look carefully, there's a second when the first bridge comes, you can see me waiting to hear where it goes. I just had my playalong playlist on shuffle, and this is what came up. The changes are very, very simple: just I-V7, and back for the A sections, and a "Honeysuckle" bridge (I7-IV-II7-V7). 

I'm Confessin' 

One of my favorite ballads, "I'm Confessin'" is something I often noodle on when I pick up a guitar. 

Rose Room

"Rose Room" has particular significance for the electric guitar, since it's the song that made Benny Goodman take notice of Charlie Christian.