Strings and Beyond - 15% off Accessories: i.e. WEGEN PICKS!

My favorite online string retailer is having a sale on accessories, and given that they are one of the few online sources for Wegen and John Pearse picks, that means 15% off picks that should be relevant to your interests.

From "Enter coupon code 'accessorize' during order checkout..."

So save 15% for accessories all week long. I definitely would recommend checking out the Wegen Line as well as the John Pearse Fast Turtles. Wegens are pretty standard in the gypsy jazz world, and the JP Turtles are another great choice (though, I recommending putting a bit of bevel on them with a nail file).

While you're there, check out their selection of my personal favorites: Martin SP 80/20's, D'Addario Pure Nickel, and Salvarez Argentines, and the new Martin Tony Rice Monel strings.