Another batch of Play-a-long tracks

Here's another batch of play-a-long tracks for you, along with a couple quick takes on the leads. 
I may have suggested this before, but I highly recommend learning the melody and playing it over the first chorus before taking a solo chorus. I think it puts one in a better frame of mind for playing melodically, and mechanically. It's one thing to run through some stock licks and arpeggios over some changes, but it's another play something melodic, even if it uses those same devices. 

These tracks were recorded with the usual gear, but I've messing around with even more new picks. I'm really digging the JB picks faux-Tortise picks. The 1.2mm NT pick sounds awesome on my acoustic, and I'm digging the standard 1.0mm for the electric. After a couple more gigs, I should have a good idea, but these are looking really, really promising, and they're way more reasonably priced than a lot of the other options. 

Six Appeal

A great medium tempo minor key tune, as played by Goodman and Christian in 1940. It's a slightly hipper take on the much older tune, "My Daddy Rocks Me."  Take a look at the chord forms, because they are good examples of minor line cliche's and accompanying voice leading. 

Leadsheet PDF (with Goodman melody transcribed exactly)
Changes PDF (with Tab) 



I uploaded a sheet with the chord forms a while back. It's a pretty simple tune, but hitting the changes in a way that swings is the challenge. I took pass over the changes with both my electric and acoustic, just to see how I would change my attack based on the instrument. 

Undecided - ACOUSTIC
Undecided - ELECTRIC


Another very simple tune, but an essential one. The A section forms the basis of many other tunes, "Jumpin' at the Woodside" being just one example. The bridge is a unique one, but again essential.