More Tunes for Rhythm Guitar

Here's a couple more example tunes with Rhythm Guitar chords.

"Undecided" is a very simple tune: the A sections go I-IV7-II7-V7, and the bridge goes I7-IV-II7-V7. I've presented the changes as simply as possible, which is how you might play them when the tempos get fast.

"Undecided" (PDF)

"I Found a New Baby" is another standard tune that highlights movement between minor and relative major, in this case Dminor to F major and back. Several tunes feature similar structures, such as "Love Me or Leave Me" and "Blues Skies."

I've presented two alternative versions. Both are simply example etudes, and I would generally use bits of both in each chorus, and move between them freely. The first version starts with the Dm6 at the 10th Fret, and the second at the 5th Fret. As you can see the voice leading chages based on where you start.

"I Found a New Baby" version 1 (PDF)

"I Found a New Baby" version 2 (PDF)