BOOK: Masters of the Plectrum Guitar - ERRORS!

After spending a bit more time with the book "Masters of the Plectrum Guitar" (Mel Bay), I've come to realize that it's full, and I mean full, of errors. Wrong notes are sprinkled through out. I thought it had just been the transcription to "Sutton Mutton", but they're on other songs too.

One possible explanation is that the music in the book is taken from the original sheet music produced back in the 20's-40's and that the originals had mistakes, which is plausible. However, it doesn't take much time working through one of the pieces to hear the wrong notes as compared to the recordings of the songs.

Granted, the original sheet music was never an exact transcription, but if you take a look at the transcription of "Pickin' My Way", a Lang/Kress duet number, the first 8 bars after the intro are filled with musical typos.

So, I'm working on re-copying "Pickin' My Way" but fixed. I'll post it when I get done with it (although, bear in mind, that might be a while).