But don't take our word for it....

We tout ourselves to be among “the world’s premier swing dance bands”, and we count ourselves lucky to play many of the best Lindy Hop and Balboa events around the globe, but don’t take out word for it….

The folks behind Lindy Blossom Weekend in Seoul put together a blog post featuring testimonials from some of the world’s top swing dance instructors and musicians. We didn’t have anything to do with it, so we were humbled and delighted by their comments. You can read the whole thing here: https://lindyblossom.wordpress.com/band/why/

But here’s what those nice folks said:

Nathan Bugh:

Jonathan Stout, leading the band at Lindy Focus, has presented the best, live, swing music I have ever heard!

Laura Glaess:

Jonathan Stout is one of the most charismatic and well-respected band leaders playing for lindy hoppers today. His song selection is swinging and his musicians are among the best in the world. However, one of the main things that makes Jonathan Stout so special is that his is a dancer. He understands the flow of a good night. He understands the amount of energy we need to swing out and the feeling we need to make it swing. He’s given me some of the best dance nights of my life. Go hear his band.

Nick Williams:

Jonathan Stout has continually put forth my favorite live swing music in the world today. His Campus Five will inspire and drive you.

Ramona Staffeld:

It’s so easy to say nice things about Jonathan Stout and his band. He plays music for dancers, he knows what we want. His eye and ear for detail is extremely meticulous, and it shows in his good taste, and good humour. It’s simple, his band plays music that actually makes it easier to dance. Swing is a force, an underlying current that moves things along, and drives it home. His song choice, band members, and love for dancing all makes for the perfect night. DO NOT MISS IT!

Michael Gamble:

Jonathan Stout is one of only a tiny handful of bandleaders that truly gets what it means to run a swing-era dance band. He knows that it’s not just the songs, but the players, the arrangements, and the leadership which gives a band that infectious energy, and no one works as hard as Jonathan at making that happen. Jonathan’s name should sit comfortably at the top of ANYONE’s list who’s trying to bring top-tier live swing music back to life, and in front of dancers. An opportunity to dance to the Campus Five is an opportunity to practice swing dancing the way it was meant to be done.

Paul Cosentino:

Jonathan created his band and his music for lindy hop and balboa dancers. Every song will make you want to dance!! The music is high energy and done with the classic style in mind at all times. Jonathan always has wonderful soloists as well who will inspire you to move. You will enjoy this band!