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Monday 9/22 - The Grand Slam Sextet Returns to Joe's

Photo by Jennifer StockertThe Grand Slam Sextet returns to Joe's Great American Bar and Grill in Burbank MONDAY 9/22. Ever since our debut at the California Balboa Classic people have been clamoring to hear more from The Grand Slam Sextet and haven't been able to get enough of the iconic sound of Clarinet combined with Vibraphone and Electric Guitar, as made famous by the Benny Goodman Sextet. 

We've got all our regulars ready to go, with Phil Krawzak on clarinet, Craig Fundyga on vibraphone, Chris Dawson on piano, Wally Hersom on bass, Josh Collazo on drums, and Jonathan Stout on electric guitar. 

MON. Sep.22
The Grand Slam Sextet
Joe's Great American Bar and Grill 
4311 W Magnolia Blvd. - Burbank 
Band starts at 9:00pm sharp, and plays until midnight.
As always, 21 and over, but FREE (donations to the bucket of love always appreciated)
Check Happy Feet Mondays' Facebook page  


Just In: Special FRIDAY C5 Show at the Cicada Club August 8th

This just in, the Campus Five will be playing a special FRIDAY NIGHT show at Downtown LA's Art Deco Mecca, the Cicada Club. Presale tickets are available online for just $15, and tickets at the door are $20. If you'd like to reserve a table, there is a Pre Fixe menu available which includes admission, and let's you keep the table all night. We've got all our all-stars, including Josh Collazo, Albert Alva and Jim Ziegler, so expect to be dancing to every tune all night!

Also, this is the Campus Five's ONLY local show in August. We'll be busy at ILHC, and the largers bands will be playing at Camp Hollywood, but if you want to see the Campus Five in Los Angeles in August, this is your only opportunity. 
Special FRIDAY Cicada Club Show

The Cicada Club - 617 S Olive St - Downtown LA
Band starts at 9:00pm - Tickets $20 at the Door
PRESALE $15 tickets available HERE.
Details at

BOTBB2, Satin Ballroom and the Birth of the Jonathan Stout Orchestra

If you know the story behind the birth of the Jonathan Stout Orchestra, It's fitting that the Battle of the Bands 2 has the band returning to the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Culver City.  

When we debuted the Campus Five in Summer 2002, our humble goal was just to be a band that Hilary and I would actually want to dance to. We knew that tempo and song length were crucial to making a band that didn't frustrate dancers. But we also knew that we dancers could feel when a band didn't have a real 30's-40's swing feel, and how that was what separated the "real thing" from everything else. 

After the first six months of the band evolving, we recorded our first album "Jammin' the Blues", and it reflected how the band has coalesced around what would be "our sound." The Lindy Hop and Balboa communities responded favorably, and it wasn't long before we were traveling outside of Los Angeles to play for Lindy Hop and Balboa events, and eventually began headlining the major Lindy hop and Balboa events in the country.

About a year after starting the band we had been asked to play a small band battle at the Satin Ballroom, which had been Los Angeles' largest monthly swing dance event. It was a huge achievement to be asked to play Satin Ballroom, and it was one of first huge "gets." The event went perfectly, and the promoters were especially impressed that even with the sometimes confrontational battle format, I made sure that danceability was very high. 

A couple months later, the Satin Ballroom found out the hall was raising the rent to an impossible level, and that there was no way to continue the event in it's current form, if at all. The promoters approached me asked me to create a big band to headline the final Satin Ballroom. Specifically because of my dedication to the true rhythmic feel of the swing era, my organizational skill displayed during the battle, and because of my absolute determination to maintain danceability, the promoters knew I could create a big band worthy of sending off Los Angeles' biggest swing venue. 

Jim Ziegler, Hilary Alexander and Jonathan debuting the JSO at Satin Ballroom, Nov. 2003

It took 6 weeks to put the charts together, and the songs were all tunes that could be staples of Lindy Hop and Balboa playlists, such as our theme song, Artie Shaw's "Man from Mars", which had only recently become a Balboa favorite in Los Angeles. Songs were carefully chosen to maintain danceable tempos all night, but, just as with the Campus Five, we also avoided the stale, square tunes that most bands defaulted to, and we swing dancers were all sick of. It had to be a band that was undeniably danceable, but also one the jazz heads would dig. Because of these considerations, this was (as far as I know), the first big band created in the modern. post-gap add swing revival that was by lindy hop and balboa dancers, specifically for linty hop and balboa dancers. All Lindy Hop and Balboa Songs. No Latin. No Novelity. No Ballads. No Jam Killing. 

JSO at Lindy Focus - photo by J.S. Almonte

That first gig in November 2003 was a huge success, and the promoters said that the band was even better than they could've dreamed. Since then, we honed the band even further and expanded the repertoire. Over the last 11 years, the band has headlong many of the most important Lindy Hop events in America, Camp Hollywood, ILHC, AllBal Weekend, Lindy Focus, and Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing (twice). But for me, the greatest compliment we could ever get, was to be pulled aside during a band break, and have Hal and Marge Takier tell me the JSO was their favorite band. 

So, it's sort of a home coming to return to the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, where Satin Ballroom had been held. 11 years later, I'm looking forward to packing the floor with dancers, song after song, and tearing the roof of the place.

Our boots are laced, our knives sharpened, and we're ready to go. Let's do this. 

Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium 
(formerly The Satin Ballroom)
4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, Los Angeles, CA 90230
Doors at 7pm / Bands Begin at 8pm
Register: HERE / Facebook event: HERE 

Just Added: Battle of the Big Bands 2 - the Jonathan Stout Orchestra vs. George Gee

While in Rochester for Stompology IX (and while sleeping in after playing the main dance, going to late night until 3:30am, and then making a 4:30am airport run before crashing), I got a text message: George Gee needed my help. Bill Elliot was unable to do the Battle of the Big Bands 2 concert George had planned for July 5th, and George needed me to bring my orchestra to make the event happen. 

Once the daze wore off, I jumped into action. I didn't know if I could field a band packed with my All-Star musicians on such short notice. I made some calls, and I knew when I lined up Josh Collazo, Albert Alva, Jim Ziegler, and the rest of the crew, it was ON. 

So, I'll save the boasting and trash talk for later, but let it be known the guantlet has been thrown:
Battle of the Big Bands 2: the Jonathan Stout Orchestra vs. George Gee.

Veteran’s Memorial Complex 
(formerly The Satin Ballroom)
4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, Los Angeles, CA 90230
Doors at 7pm / Bands Begin at 8pm
Register: HERE / Facebook event: HERE 



Thanks, Stompology IX

Photo by Kenny Nelson

Thanks so much Rochester for a great time at #stompo9. It was a pleasure to play for you. 

East Coast, we'll see you next at the end of the month for Beantown!